What is ABA?

ABA stands for Applied Behavior Analysis and is the method of systematically applying scientifically based interventions founded on the principals of learning theory and behavior to bring about meaningful and socially significant changes.

ABA therapy is used:

  • to decrease undesired or harmful behaviors; behaviors that interfere with ones ability to learn or maybe harmful to self or others.
  • to increase desired behaviors; language and communication skills, self-help skills, social skills, play and leisure, fine and gross motor skills, daily living skills, memory, and academics.

What is ABA going to look like? Not everyone’s treatment plan looks the same. Treatment plans are like individual education plans (IEPs), they vary based on the needs of the clients. All plans do share some common characteristics such as the use of positive reinforcement strategies to affect change and Functional Behavioral Assessments/Functional Analysis to address problem behaviors.